vault.  “Cash Cow”
Cash Cows have the highest profit margin to expense ratio than any other passive income method. Be aware however that they generally require either a significant time investment or a significant monetary investment to start but not both. The single purpose of the cash cow is to generate passive income with having to put in little to no personal effort. The best part about the cash cow is that the average person who does not like to sell would be a perfect match for this method. No selling, marketing or recruiting required. Click here to learn more...

vault.  “Affiliate Marketing”
To make significant money at affiliate marketing, there are 3 important items that you will definitely need in order to succeed. 1. A high-converting offer to market. 2. A high-converting website with an effective sales funnel. 3. An influx of massive targeted traffic...often. This method has a high expense to profit margin when starting out but the best part about affiliate marketing is that you can pay as you go. It does not require a large lump sum start-up cost. Another plus is that you have the option to choose to market a product that gets high sales conversions in the marketplace OR a product that you absolutely love and either way with the 3 important items in place you will eventually succeed. An affiliate marketing venture can easily be set on autopilot once established to bring you passive income using outsourcing and software tools. Click here to learn more…

vault.  “Network Marketing”
WARNING! Don’t believe the propaganda disseminated by many mlm/network marketing opportunists. They will tell you that you don’t have to sell. That’s a lie! There are only two skills needed to succeed in network marketing - Sales skills and Relationship skills. The better you become at either one, the faster you will become successful in network marketing. The best part about network marketing is that a good company provides the training to help you become effectively skilled at both. Because this method will usually require you to pour your heart and soul into the business in order for you to see success, you will want to be sure to choose a company, a product line and a “sales” team, ie. upline and downline, that you are happy with. Once you have developed the needed skills and have found the right company match for you, they will take you far and you will never be broke again. Click here to learn more…

vault.  “Membership Website”
If you have a hobby you are knowledgeable about or are an expert skilled at something, a membership website will be a perfect match for you. You can easily create a product or provide a service using your authority on any subject or niche. With a membership website, your product can be physical or digital. For example, you can provide a subscription to your magazine in digital form or through the mail. The best part about this method is that once the site is established and generating high traffic, you have a virtual property that you can sell like you do with real estate property. Membership websites are also inheritable in the same way as real estate is. Click here to learn more…

vault.  “Multiple Streams”
YES! The ultimate dream in passive income. This method, of course,  either combines two or more of any passive income method OR you may choose to duplicate the same method with a different product or company. The best part about multiple streams of passive income is that you can attain true wealth for generations to come.

  • These Best 5 Passive Income Methods  are not listed in any order of priority. Whichever one of these methods that is best for you will depend on your personality, skill set and the amount of start-up capital you can generate or already have available. Most of all, your success at any of these that you may choose to venture into will depend solely on your mindset.
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Five Methods In ONE Plan Create A
Six-Figure Passive Income In 12-24 Months With Precise Timing and Strategy
That Any Average Joe Can Follow While Pursuing Your Passion At The Same Time

I have developed an innovative strategy that incorporates these Best 5 Passive Income Methods into ONE Plan. This plan layers on select income platforms (listed below) that incorporates these 5 passive income methods. It is designed with such precision and exact timing that only one affordable out-of-pocket expense will be needed to work the entire plan. Reinvested profits will be your capital.

Understand that I mean to take a few hundred dollars to make millions.

The vision behind my "Five Methods In ONE" Plan is to give the average person "A CHANCE" at becoming "financially" worry-free, so you can pursue your creative talents, entrepreneurial ventures, personal interests, and/or humanitarian causes about which you are genuinely passionate.

Let me be clear. This is a plan...I make no guarantees.

Members of The Average Millionaire$ Network will get access to the entire plan. Listed below are the income platforms that the Network members will become involved with in this strategic plan.

Home Based Income NetworkTM
networkpeople.Home Based Income Network (HBIn) is the first of its kind "income coopTM" online. What is an "income coopTM?" Just as is done in a farmer's coop or a food coop where owners come together for the sole purpose of promoting the farmers or the food, that meaning was adopted to define what our "income coopTM" is. An "income coopTM" is an enterprise in joint agreement amongs average people who are, or will become, business owners networked together for the sole purpose of promoting the acquisition of income in such a way to create wealth in a significantly short period of time. Click to watch video of the first income platform in action.

Passive Income Methods Incorporated:  Cash Cow - Network Marketing - Multiple Streams

Status: Countdown to LAUNCH once we reach 21,844 members.
Digital Infotainment ProductionsTM Lab
networkpeople.This is an affiliate membership site where members will have access to a DIY lab where you can create your own digital products. You can then transform these digital products into numerous branded physical products. Then finally you can develop and market these products online and offline, both the digital and physical versions.

Take a look at the menu options planned for the members area. Ready-made templates will be included, design software, legal resources and more.


Passive Income Methods Incorporated:  Affiliate Marketing - Membership Site - Multiple Streams

Status: Soon to launch following HBIn.
Your Very Own Membership Site
networkpeople.Like my Off The KlockTM membership website, you will develop your very own just like it. All the tools and resources you will need are provided to you in the above Digital Infotainment Productions Lab. So when its time for you to launch your very own membership site, you will have the know-how, the products already made and resources to position yourself to make millions from you own ideas.

Passive Income Methods Incorporated:  Membership Website - Affiliate Marketing -Multiple Streams

Status: On my vision board and planned to launch according to YOUR schedule.
A 6th Passive Income Method
networkpeople.This is where the future of The Average Millionaire$ Network is going. In the works right now are plans to invest in green energy and organic food industries. My vision is to layer on these income platform to add a 6th method of passive income, ie investments. Click here to learn more about investing.

Passive Income Method Incorporated:  Investment Vehicles

Status: On my vision board and planned to launch according to schedule.

The best thing about the "Five Methods In ONE" Plan is that any any time...can decide to stop at whichever income platform you choose. You are not committed to get involved in all 3 income platforms or any future ones...just the first one. Just know that the opportunity is there for you to take advantage of as a member of The Average Millionaire$ Network.

In addition, members will have the opportunity to propose their own income platform ideas to the Network as an added income stream for everyone. You can even use the Network organization as your pre-established customer base if you design an affiliate product. This will greatly shorten your turnover time to see the return on your initial investment into the development of that product. The possibilities of what I envision that we can do through cooperative economics within the Network is endless.

There is no cost to join The Average Millionaire$ Network. There are commitments. Click here to view the commitments.

If the vision of the Network as set forth above -- that is, to acquire levels of income by which you can become economically free to pursue your own genuine interests or passions -- is the very same vision that you have for yourself, then I invite you to join us today and become an Average Millionaire.

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Louise Campbell-Anthony
P.S.  Welcome aboard if you so choose to join us and revitalize your financial future. However, if you still have doubts, watch this 8-minute video, Movement For Economic Freedom. Understand where my vision starts and question if you can see yourself in the picture.
P.P.S. The first income platform launches at 12,844 members. Please don't join until you are committed so we can launch with only serious Average Millionaires.